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Programme of Science and Education

The specialisation Science and Education leads to a first degree teaching permit in Chemistry, and can be followed in Dutch only.
The content of the Science and Education is described in separate prospectus. The chemistry specific part is outlined here and consists of the following components totaling 60 EC to be done in the first year:

A. A minimum of 15 EC scientific Master courses;
B. A research project of minimally 29 EC (NWI-MOL501A), including practical work, report, presentation, and optional specialisation courses relevant to the internship (max. 6 EC);
This research project can be done on any research department open to Chemistry students.

C. NWI-MOL412 Career orientation (1 EC)

D. Philosophy 2: 3 EC. For more information about your options, click here.

E. 6 EC Electives, either courses (A) or a longer research project (B) or both;
F. Free electives of 6 EC.

Besides the 60 EC chemistry specific programme, your second year comprises a 60 EC programme from the Dutch Educational Master. That programme is described here.