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Structure of the Master Specialisation MFoCS - Master Computing Science

The list below illustrates the basic organization of the 120 ec Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, which consists of the following components:

  • Specialisation basis (15 ec)
  • Specialisation electives (30 ec)
  • Limited choice electives (26 ec)
  • Computer science and society (3 ec)
  • Free electives (6 ec)
  • Master thesis project (40 ec)

These components are further refined as follows:

Specialisation basis (mandatory courses, 15 ec):

Specialisation electives (30 ec)

To be chosen from the categories below, and to be approved by the Examining Board. At least 6 ec should be chosen from courses provided by the computing science department (indicated below as RU-CS) and at least 6 ec should be chosen from courses provided by the department of mathematics (indicated below as RU-Math). Some courses are not taught in 2017-2018 as they are taught in alternating years. If this causes problems for your planning, please contact one of the specialisation coordinators Freek Wiedijk or Sebastiaan Terwijn, or student advisor Perry Groot to discuss this further. In addition to the courses below, courses of the national MasterMath programme may also be included in the choice of sub-specialisation.

Category RU-CS

Categorie RU-Math

  • NWI-WM072C Complexity Theory (8 ec)
    NWI-WM120C Computability Theory (6 ec) [not taught in 2017-2018]
  • NWI-IMC036 Coalgebra (6 ec) [not taught in 2017-2018]
  • NWI-WM038B Axiomatic Set Theory (8 ec) [not taught in 2017-2018]
  • NWI-WM037B Intuitionistic Mathematics (8 ec) [not taught in 2017-2018]
  • NWI-WM135 Independence Proofs in Set Theory (6 ec) [not taught in 2017-2018]
  • Descriptive Set Theory (Mastermath) (8 EC)
  • Category Theory and Topos Theory (Mastermath - J. van Oosten, Universiteit Utrecht)
  • Set Theory (Mastermath - University of Amsterdam - K.P. Hart (TUD) & B. Löwe (UvA))

Limited choice electives (26 ec)

To be presented for approval to the Examination Board. Courses from the Master's programme in Computing Science and Mathematics are automatically approved.

Computer science and society

Final thesis (40 ec): MSc-project. The final thesis is scheduled in the last semester. The MSc project is finished by writing a Master's thesis. Generally speaking, students will do their Master's project under the supervision of a member of staff of their own university. However, students may, after consulting a local supervisor, choose to do a Master's project at another site, or an external project at a company or abroad.

The total amount of EC's of this programme should be 120 EC at least.