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Contact persons

Student Advisor

Mw. Drs. W.B. de Vries
Room: HG 00.539
Phone: (024 - 36)52386
E-mail: i.devries@math.ru.nl
Book an appointment: idevries.youcanbook.me

Institute for Education Programmes in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy (WiNSt)

Director Prof. Dr. P.C.M. Christianen
Educational coordinator Physics and Astronomy Prof. Dr. A. Kimel (B)
Dr. O.R. Pols (M)
Educational coordinator Mathematics Dr. B.D. Souvignier (B)
Prof. Dr. N.P. Landsman (M)
Coordinator Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy Dr. G.W.M. Swart
Student-assessor Physics and Astronomy Jeffrey van der Gucht
Student-assessor Mathematics: Rian Aarts

Examination Board of Physics and Astronomy and Mathematics

President Prof. Dr. A.I. Kirilyuk (Physics and Astronomy)
Vice-president Dr. M. Müger (Mathematics)
Secretary Drs. H.W.J. Becks
Mw. Y. Kleijnen
Members Prof. Dr. R.H.P. Kleiss
Dr. S.A. Terwijn 
Dr. J.R. Hörandel
Dr. J.R. Kang
Extern member Prof. Dr. F.J. Keune

Email: fnwi.examcies@science.ru.nl

Education Committee of Mathematics

President Prof. Dr. H.T. Koelink

Prof. Dr. E.A. Cator
Dr. W. Bosma
Dr.M.S. Solleveld
Dr. G.W.M. Swart (secretary)
Jasper Hof (student)
Frank van Hoof (student)
Reinder Meinsma (student)
Daan van Sonsbeek (student)

Email: olc.wiskunde@student.ru.nl

Student Service Desk

At the Student Service Desk students can ask questions regarding their studies, forms and procedures, and schedule an appointment with their student advisor. The Student Service Desk is located next to the main entrance of the Huygensbuilding:

Room HG00.051
Phone: 024 - 36 52 200
E-mail: studentinfo@science.ru.nl

Openinghours Student Service Desk:
Monday-Thursday: 10:00h-16:00h
Friday: 10:00h-14:00h

Erasmus+ Coordinator

Mw. Drs. I. de Vries (WiNSt)
Room: HG 00.539
Phone: (024 - 36)532386
E-mail: i.devries@science.ru.nl
Book an appointment: idevries.youcanbook.me
Website: http://www.ru.nl/science/education/international-office/outgoing-students