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Programme of Neuroscience

The structure for the Master specialisation Neuroscience for the Master of Science in Medical Biology is:

24 EC mandatory courses:

* these courses (15 EC in total) are the courses specifically belonging to this specialisation. You'll follow these courses together with students from other masterprogrammes such as Physics, Science and Molecular Life Sciences. The other courses are compulsory courses for Medical Biology students.

6 EC thesis

72 EC research internships (36 EC each)

15 EC free space for optional courses or extension of internships (6 EC max.)
Choose at least 3 EC from the following list:

Of the remaining 12 EC, 6 EC is completely free, the remaining 6 EC should have a natural scientific character. For students interested in the more technical aspects of neuroscience, the following courses might be relevant:

Courses offered in the Cognitive Neuroscience programme could also be of interest.

3 EC Philosophy course

0 EC Master Portfolio Biosciences