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Programme of Science and Education

The master specialisation Science and Education (EDU) consists of two years.

Formally, during the first year of your master, you will follow the courses and activities belonging to the Master's programme in Physics and Astronomy. In your second year you start with the courses and activities attributed to EDU. These courses you will follow with students from the entire faculty who are enrolled in this specialisation.

The requirements for the programme of Physics and Astronomy consists of the following programme-specific components and associated work and study load:

A. Electives Physics and Astronomy 20 EC
B. Master Thesis Physics and Astronomy 30 EC
C. Philosophy 3 EC
D. Professional Preparation 1 EC
E. Free electives 6 EC
F. EDU specific programme 60 EC

A. Electives Physics and Astronomy (20 EC)

B. Master thesis Physics and Astronomy (30 EC)

C. Philosophy course (3 EC)

D. Professional Preparation (1 EC)

E. Free electives (6 EC)

Free electives can be chosen from any specialisation or programme, not necessarily within Physics and Astronomy.

F. EDU specific programme (60 EC)