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Studying with a functional limitation

The terms "functional limitation" and "chronic disease" cover all diseases and disabilities that are enduring (for now) and that can cause a delay in the course of your study programme. For example, all of the following fall under the category of a functional limitation: visual, auditory, and mobility handicaps; a disability of language (dyslexia), speech, endurance, memory/concentration capabilities, and organs; psychological limitations, epilepsy, rheumatism, CVS, heavy migraine, whiplash, RSI, etc.

When this functional limitation, chronic disease, or dyslexia is likely to hinder a normal course of study, students are advised to contact the student dean and student advisor at the start of their study programme. After consultation of the student dean and the student advisor of the faculty, the student's study programme will be arranged in such a way that the student experiences as little trouble as possible due to their disability. Sometimes, it is also possible to make an appeal to legal and university regulations concerning finances, housing, study material, and study- and exam regulations. To optimally make use of these facilities, it is of great importance to contact the student advisor and student dean about your functional limitation as early as possible.


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