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Chemistry pre-Master's programmes

The institute for Molecular Sciences offers three standard pre-Master's programmes: a programme of 30 ec that prepares for the Master's specialisation Chemistry for Life and programmes of 45 ec that prepare for the Master's specialisations Molecular Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.

The first 15 ec of these programmes are the same, which makes it easy to switch between the two after one quarter.
The 30 ec programme takes one semester, the 45 ec programmes are spread out over a full year. Elements of the programmes (or even the full 30 ec programme) can also be taken as a minor in your HBO studies.

Below you can find the contents of both programmes. Make sure that you contact the student advisor Wilma Philipse: w.philipse@science.ru.nl (024-365 3173).

If you want to take the programme as a minor in your HBO studies you should, of course, also consult your coordinator at school.

For all procedures and regulations with regards to enrolling in the pre-Master's programmes, please visit the appropriate pages of the university website. For enrolling in a HBO-minor programme visit this page.


The premaster and minor will change after 2017-2018. Our new curriculum will contain different courses and, more importantly, the premaster programme of 2018-2019 will (very likely) require a higher entry level of math and physical chemistry.

In the present pre-master's programmes these math courses are still incorporated next to the advanced level courses such as quantum mechanics. This implies that the pre-master at present is tough!