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Course overview of the pre-Master Cybersecurity

The pre-Master's Cybersecurity prepares students for enrolment in the Master's Computing Science, with a specialisation in Cybersecurity. The programme is compiled of courses in the field of mathematics, security, and general computing or academic background.

N.B. Some courses are taught in Dutch.

pre-Master's programme: Cyber Security
First quarter Second quarter
NWI-IBI007 Research Methods 1
(3 EC)
NWI-IBC018 Discrete Structures
(3 EC)
NWI-IPC020 Mathematical Structures
(3 EC)
NWI-IBC034 Operating Systems Security
(3 EC)
NWI-IPC002 Languages and Automata
(3 EC)
NWI-IPC023 Requirements Engineering
(3 EC)
NWI-IPC021 Security
(6 EC)
SOW-BKI104 Mathematics 1a
(3 EC)
Choose between these two courses
NWI-IPC017 Matrix Calculus
(3 EC, First Quarter)
SOW-BKI124 Lineair Algebra for AI
(3 EC, Second Quarter)