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Bachelor before Master rule

In accordance with the Education and Scientific Research Act (WHW) a student who is not registered for the  Master’s programme cannot participate in a Master’s exam.

The Faculty of Science has decided to support students who only have a few ec left in their Bachelor’s programme and wish to prevent delays in their study.
From 1 September onwards, a student can request permission from the Examination Board to add a maximum of two Master’s courses OR Master’s courses with a total amount of 10 ec to their Bachelor’s programme. These Master’s courses will be added on top of the 180 ec of the Bachelor’s programme and will be added under the header ‘extracurricular’.
The final Master’s project and thesis cannot be done without being registered as a Master’s student.

In your Master’s, you could request an exemption on those courses from the Examination Board. These courses will be labeled as an exemption on your Master’s transcript. The grade for the course will be on your Bachelor’s transcript and not your Master’s transcript.

You must request approval from the Examination Board at least one month prior to the exam to be able to participate in these Master’s exams in your Bachelor’s programme.

Please contact your student advisor, should you have any questions.