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Request permission to do a Master's exam

This form is meant for students who are registered as Bachelor's students and who have not yet completed their Bachelor's programme. They can request to participate in Master's exams by submitting the form below to the Examination Committee.

In accordance with the Bachelor's-before-Master's rule, a student of the Bachelor's programme cannot participate in exams for the Master's programme. However, the Faculty of Science is allowing students to participate in Master's exams under specific circumstances for the 2017-2018 academic year. The requisites are:

  • an exception can be requested from the Examination Board for a maximum of 2 Master's courses or courses encompassing a maximum of 10 ec;
  • These courses can only be a part of the extracurricular component of the Bachelor's programme. This means that the courses cannot be a part of the Bachelor's degree.

Discuss your plans with your student advisor prior to filling out the form.

Note: This form can't be used by Exchange Students. If you are een Exchange       Student please contact the International Office or the Erasmus contact person.