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The Psychology programme is part of the Institute of Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. This institute is one of the three institutes that belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS). In turn, the FSS is one of the seven faculties within Radboud University (RU) Nijmegen.

Director of the institute

The director of the institute is responsible for the content and organisation of the Psychology and Artificial Intelligence programmes.
Prof. R. G. J. Meulenbroek
tel.: +31 (0)24 3612693 (secretariat)
email: r.meulenbroek@psych.ru.nl


The Psychology programme employs around 160 lecturers. The telephone numbers and email addresses for each of the lecturers can be found in the Staff Guide and through the course descriptions.

Most of these lecturers are postdoctoral researchers who work in one of the following seven research groups:

  • Biological Psychology
    Prof. dr. P. Medendorp
    mw. S. van Uum, T 3612544, s.vanuum@donders.ru.nl
  • Clinical Psychology
    mw.prof.dr. E. Becker
    mw. M. Verbeet-Van der Vos, T 3612004, m.verbeet@psych.ru.nl
  • Cognitive Psychology
    prof.dr. H. Bekkering
    ms. J.N.D. Rozenboom, T 3612550, j.rozenboom@donders.ru.nl
  • Developmental Psychology
    prof.dr. A. Cillessen en prof.dr. C. de Weerth
    ms. M.A.E. van Lier, T 3615550, m.vanlier@psych.ru.nl
  • Neuro- and Rehabiliation Psychology
    prof.dr. R. Kessels
    ms. S.J.M. van Uum, T 3612544, s.vanuum@donders.ru.nl
  • Social and Cultural Psychology
    prof.dr. A. Dijksterhuis
    ms. M.J.W. van Mierlo, T 3612693, m.vanmierlo@psych.ru.nl
    ms. M. Gerrits, T 3612675, m.gerrits@psych.ru.nl
  • Work and Organizational Psychology
    prof.dr. M. Kompier
    ms. D. de Ruiter-Van den Over, T 3612639, d.deruiter@psych.ru.nl