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Electives Development & Mental Health

Cursuscode Cursustitel EC
SOW-PSB3DH21E Clinical Assessment 2
SOW-PSB3DH50E Psychotherapy 4
SOW-PSB3DH25E Prevention 4
SOW-PSB2PS35E Conversational Skills in Psychology 4
SOW-PSB3DH30E Fear, Anxiety and related disorders 4
SOW-PSB3DH35E Gendered Psychopathologies: addiction, eating disorders and depression 4
SOW-PSB3DH40E Early development: Chances and Risks 4
SOW-PSB3DH55E Adolescence: Chances and Risks 4
SOW-PSB3DH60E Adulthood and Ageing: Chances and Risks 4
SOW-PSB3DH45E Affective Science and Psychopathology 4

Only to be chosen as FREE elective

SOW-PSB3FE10N Psychology & Sexuality 4