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Minor (15 EC)

Gender and Culture 1 (Autumn)

The Radboud Minor Gender and Culture offers an intensive and wide ranging training in gender and sexuality studies that combines theory,
cultural studies, and history. Students explore and familiarize themselves with a wide variety of theories, themes, and topics that will enable
them to understand how gender and sexuality fundamentally organize culture, society, and the human psyche. Interested?

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Code Title EC Schedule
SOW-VSB9051 Sex for the Social Sciences and Humanities: An Introduction to Socio-Cultural Sexuality Studies 5 period 2
SOW-VSB9052 Two Centuries of Sex: A History of Sexuality in Europe, 1800-2000 5 period 2
FTR-FIMI213 Feminist Classics
(not available at the moment)
5 period 1+2
Under construction