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Minor (20 EC)

Sport and Exercise Sciences (Autumn)

Interdisciplinary Radboud Minor with Faculty of Arts and Biomedical Sciences

Sport and physical exercise are activities that are at the heart of modern-day society. With obesity and other sedentary lifestyle-related illnesses quickly becoming the nr.1 preventable death cause in many western countries, governments stimulate their inhabitants to participate in sports and become more physically active. At the same time, elite athletes enjoy the attention of millions as they engage in international competitions and see their achievements broadcasted around the globe. In this interdisciplinary 20EC minor program you will get an introduction into key disciplines in the study of human behaviour in sport and exercise settings. For example, what is the impact of inclusion or exclusion of certain social groups through sport from a historical perspective? How do central and local governments stimulate sports participation? How do elite athletes deal with the pressure to perform well? What happens in the human body while exercising? And, how are complex movements coordinated in the brain? In a series of interconnected courses the minor program “Sport and Exercise Sciences” will provide answers to these questions (and many others) and introduce you to the theory and research that is behind them.

Code Title EC Schedule
SOW-SOB3025 Sport Sociology 4 period 1
SOW-PSB3BE20E Sport Psychology 4 period 1
SOW-PSB3BC30E Human Motor Control and Sport 4 period 2
MED-MIN05 Moving Questions: An Introduction to Clinical Human Movement Sciences 4 semester 1
LET-GESMI173 Sport History and Philosophy 4 period 2