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Minor (24 - 30 EC)

Neuropsychology and Education (Spring)

This Minor is centered on the neural development of learners. In order to gain insight into human behaviour it is necessary to have knowledge about the main structure of the brain, how they function and how they develop. Neural development does not always occur optimally. Students gain insight into the developmental disorders that can arise and into the medical, psychological and/or educational interventions that might help. In this Minor, the focus is on learners with a developmental disorder, in this case high gifted learners. The students will also take part in empirical research in the educational field. Feeling inspired by this Minor? Continue your study after your bachelor with the track ‘Gifted Education’ within the Master Pedagogical Sciences

Code Title EC Schedule
SOW-PWB2240 Neuropsychology 4 period 3
SOW-PWB3100D Training in educational research (only for students from abroad) 10 period 3+4
SOW-PWVK050 Gifted education 5 period 4

One or two courses of your free choice (to add up to 30 EC)

Code Title EC Schedule
SOW-MAWB3005 Gender and Diversity 6 period 4
SOW-PWB3020 Clinical decision making 5 period 3