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Minor (24 - 30 EC)

Sociology (Spring)

This minor consists of a core of four Sociology courses (4 x 6EC). In addition, students choose a fifth course (6 EC) out of two options, which allows them to either specialize in sociological theory or in sociological research.

Code Title EC Schedule
SOW-MAWB3005 Gender and Diversity 6 period 4
SOW-SOB2010 Social inequality 6 period 3
SOW-SOB2031 Social Capital: From ambiquity towards two clear and distinct research lines 6 period 3
SOW-MAWB3006 Health Systems and Policy 6 period 4

CHOICE: 1 of the following 2:

Code Title EC Schedule
SOW-SOB3029 Sociological Theory Review 6 period 3+4
SOW-SOB3027 Research Project Sociology 6 period 3

A certificate can be obtained when courses 1-4 have been passed.