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The Master Degree Programme Committee (MA-DPC)

Each educational Master programme has a Degree Programme Committee (MA-DPC). The committee advises the programme director on various matters concerning education. Besides, the DPC is the most important body for quality control of education. The DPC is made up of both teachers and students. The Bachelor and Master programmes have their separate DPC's.

Staff members

dr. Pim Haselager chair
dr. Jason Farquhar
dr. Makiko Sadakata
dr. Arjen de Vries (Informatics) Advisory member
dr. Sabine Hunnius (Psychology) Advisory member

Student members

The DPC controls the quality of the programme. In order to do so, input of students, both positive and negative, is very important. Please do not hesitate to contact the student members with questions and observations concerning the Master Programme

Erwin de Wolff olc.ai(at)student.ru.nl
Kai Standvoss
Lisa Goerke
Sanne de Kleijn Advisory member Education CognAC