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Who are we?

The Artificial Intelligence programme is organised by the School of Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, which in turn is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Artificial Intelligence is an independent programme that culminates in the Bachelor's and eventually the Master’s of Artificial Intelligence examinations.

The programme is based at the low-rise B block of the Spinoza building and works in close cooperation with the Donders Centre for Cognition (DCC).
General information can be obtained from the Programme Secretary: T: 024-3612633/2744, E: secretary@ai.ru.nl.

Staff Members

Name email address
Prof.dr.ir. P.W.M. Desain p.desain@donders.ru.nl
Prof. dr. M.A.J. van Gerven m.vangerven@donders.ru.nl

Academic Staff Members/Lecturers

Dr. J.D.R. Farquhar j.farquhar@donders.ru.nl
Dr. F.A. Grootjen f.grootjen@dondersai.ru.nl
Dr. W.F.G. Haselager w.haselager@donders.ru.nl
Dr. S.J. Hazenberg s.j.hazenberg@donders.ru.nl
Dr. M. Hinne m.hinne@donders.ru.nl
Dr. G. Kachergis g.kachergis@donders.ru.nl
Dr. P.A. Kamsteeg p.kamsteeg@donders.ru.nl
Dr. J. Kwisthout j.kwisthout@donders.ru.nl
Dr. F.T.M. Léoné f.leone@donders.ru.nl
Dr. G. Meccacci MSc g.mecacci@donders.ru.nl
prof. dr. J.M. McQueen j.mcqueen@donders.ru.nl
Dr. M.V. Peelen m.peelen@donders.ru.nl
Dr. I.J.E.I. van Rooij i.vanrooij@donders.ru.nl
Dr. M. Sadakata m.sadakata@donders.ru.nl
Dr. O. Scharenborg o.scharenborg@let.ru.nl
H.K. Schraffenberger MSc h.schraffenberger@donders.ru.nl
Dr. L. Selen l.selen@donders.ru.nl

Student advisors:
Ms Nav Muts (B1, B2, B3, MSc)
T: 024-361 6163
Marloes van Rootselaar (B1)
T: 024-361 6163
(new location from 11-06-2018 - SpA.02.21)

Programme Coordinators:
Bachelor - 1: Dr. F. Léoné
T: 024-361 6126

Bachelor - 2&3: Dr. F. Grootjen
T: 024-3612768

Master: Dr. ir. J. Kwisthout
T: 024-361 1938

International officer:
drs. Beckers Patrick

Ms Lieve Jacques
Ms Dominique de Jonge
T: 024-361 2633/2744