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Incoming Exchange Students

We gladly welcome all new incoming exchange students. Especially for them, here are some interesting webpages:

Radboud International has all kinds of information specially for incoming students from abroad: www.ru.nl/radboudinternational/english

All information on the content and scheduling of your courses can be found in the course guide. It gives you a complete overview of what you can expect during your Master programme and who to contact: http://www.studiegids.science.ru.nl/2016/socsci/.

The schedules for all courses are attached to each course individually. You can also look into your personal schedule here: https://persoonlijkrooster.ru.nl/schedule

Rules and regulations can be found here:

In case you encounter problems, there are various persons you can contact:

General problem: secr@ai.ru.nl (secretary AI)
Course/educational or programme problem: go to the lecturer of the course - contact info can be found in the course guide; in case this doesn't word, contact the master coordinator: masters@ai.ru.nl.

Has your problem not been solved, contact the Degree Programme Committee (DPC) through: olc.ai(at)student.ru.nl

Health- or personal issue: contact the student advisor:
To make an appointment, please proceed as follows:

  1. Click here
  2. Open your programma page (e.g. Psychology/AI)
  3. Click on the tab student advisor to make an appointment
  4. Fill out the full form and submit
  5. You will receive confirmation of your appointment (information on how to change your appointment will be there)
  6. One day before the appointment you will receive a reminder

It is also possible to meet with the student advisor during 'open office hours', Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12.30-13.30.