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Exemption Procedure

Please read the information below carefully before submitting an exemption request.

Any student who wishes to qualify for exemption from one or more components of the academic programme (for instance, if the student has completed an equivalent examination elsewhere) must submit an official request to the Artificial Intelligence Examining Board.

The official rules for exemptions are detailed in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER), which can be found here.

Are you a first-year student? Please be aware that exemptions do not count towards the Binding Study Advice (BSA). For more information, please see Binding Study Advice (BSA), or contact the Student Advisor for more information.

Exemptions are granted only upon approval of the Examining Board and are not guaranteed. Over time, the content of previously granted exemptions may be inadequate for learning goals and/or programme or course requirements due to curriculum and course enhancements.

Submitting an exemption request
You can make an exemption request by submitting the Exemption Request Form along with your supporting documentation to the Student Advisor. Students will only be granted exemptions if they can provide both the necessary evidence (e.g., transcripts and/or examination certificates) and a description of the content of the study programme component which was previously completed. All supporting documentation must be authorised by the educational institution or organization where the student completed the relevant academic (or occupational) component.

The following documents are required in order to be assessed for an exemption:

  • one exemption request form per course request. Please contact the Student Advisor at n.muts@ai.ru.nl to request the exemption form.
  • specific documentation, as outlined on the exemption request form
  • other supporting documentation, where applicable

The application form and supporting documentation can be submitted in one of two ways:

  • via e-mail to n.muts@ai.ru.nl, using the subject line “Exemption Request”
  • in person to the Student Advisor at Spinoza B.00.67A

An exemption request will only be processed if all the necessary documents have been submitted along with the application. Signatures from course instructors are not to be obtained by students.

The Student Advisor communicates the decision by email on behalf of the Examining Board. Processing times may vary. Please contact the Student Advisor to find out the status of your application for exemption.

For additional information about the exemption procedure, please contact the Student Advisor by sending an email to n.muts@ai.ru.nl.