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Laptop use

Do I need to use my own laptop for AI? This is definitely recommended. There are many assignments in practical work (like programming) and writing (like reports), for which your own laptop is indispensable. In particular because you also want to work at home. From a recent study (Fall 2016), it appeared that more than 90% of our students owns a laptop and that from these students, 90% prefers to use their own laptop for AI-related work.

Our Faculty is currently exploring possibilities to reduce the number of PC computers and increase the number of BYOD workplaces (Bring Your Own Device). It is not compulsory to BYOD. There are computer rooms in the building, where you can work on Faculty computers. These rooms and computers are regularly occupied.

What are the necessary specifications for a laptop? Computer hardware should not be older than three years to suffice for AI Bachelor course practicals. Example system specifications are: Intel core i5 processor, 8GB Ram, SSD or physical hard drive. The operating system can be either Windows 10, Linux (e.g. Ubuntu 16) or Mac OSX.