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Participation Council

The participation structure of the faculty consists of the subcommittee, the faculty student council and student-staff committees.

The subcommittee

The subcommittee consists of seven members from the staff of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious studies.

In the period from 1 September 2021 to 1 September 2023, the subcommittee consists of the following members:

  • dr. Antonio Cimino (chair)
  • drs. Anouta de Groot (vice-chair)
  • Lotje Siffels MA (secretary)
  • Nina de Boer MSc MA
  • Jorien Copier MA
  • Lena Richter MA
  • dr. Mathijs van de Sande
  • drs. Harald Viersen
  • dr. Willem van der Kuijlen

To contact the subcommittee, reach out to the following e-mail address: oc.fftr@ru.nl.

Faculty Student Council (FSR)

The Student Council's tasks include:

  • ratification of faculty decisions made by the Dean regarding educational quality care, student policy and the faculty facilities provided for students;
  • advisory rights regarding educational performance and matters over which the student council has ratification authority;
  • information rights; the Dean is obliged to supply the FSR in good time with full information that in all fairness the FSR will require to perform its duties properly.

The FSR and the students of the student-staff committee can often be found in the Representatives’ room. Students with questions or complaints can enquire there. The FSR can also be contacted by sending an email to fsr.fftr@gmail.com.

Read more about the Faculty Student Council of our faculty in the PTRS course guide.

The student-staff committee

The student-staff programme committees (OLC) monitor the quality of education, among others by:

  • advising about the Education and Examination Regulations;
  • assessing the implementation of the Education and Examination Regulations every year;
  • advising the dean and the director of education on all matters concerning educational programmes.

Read more about the student-staff committees of our faculty in the PTRS course guide.