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Studying abroad

Studying abroad

Numerous opportunities exist to study abroad for a period after completing your foundation course. Staying abroad for a while will increase your independence, give you the opportunity to widen and deepen your experiences and will look just great on your CV. The theme of your final thesis can also be an excellent reason for visiting a foreign university (and of course the specialists who work there). But probably best of all, living for a time in another country is just great fun; as the students who have already experienced this will be the first to tell you upon their return to Nijmegen.

What are the possibilities?

Studying abroad is in principle open to everyone. High grades are not a prerequisite and the extra costs can for a large part often be met by a grant. And if you plan your trip well, you don't need to fall behind with your studies.

Would you like to spend part of your course abroad? Then start preparing as soon as possible: have a look at the PTRS International Office website and make an appointment for an orientation talk with:

Rinske de Graaff Stoffers - Room: E 15.27 - Telephone: (024) 361 0886 internationaloffice@ftr.ru.nl You can make an appointment in the online agenda.

When is it best to go?


The PTRS faculty finds it important that students get an opportunity to study abroad for a while. To encourage this, all bachelor courses build in a ‘mobility window’; a period in which a number of optional courses have been planned which can also be followed abroad:

  • for Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies this period is the first semester of the B3 year;
  • for Islam Studies this is the third period of the B2 year (particular recommendations: a foreign minor in Rabat or Cairo. This is an exclusive opportunity to live in an Arab country and follow courses in Arabic. More information can be found in the minor descriptions in the minor guide).

You can also go abroad outside these periods, although this will require more planning (and possibly a substitution for obligatory courses). Whatever you intend to do, please always consult your study advisor first. And please note: you need to have completed your foundation course before going abroad.


You can go abroad for a period during your masters study, either to study or to take up an internship. There are no fixed periods set apart for this and the options are manifold. How a stay abroad would fit in with your master programme is something best discussed with your mentor and/or study advisor.

Summer School

Either during your bachelor or your masters course you can join a summer school. These courses are offered worldwide, mostly in summer but sometimes also during the winter period. The choice is vast and the PTRS faculty in cooperation with Student Life offer 10 summer grants (up to a max. €1,000) for students wishing to join a Summer School abroad. This is an excellent opportunity to widen or deepen your knowledge against an international backdrop or to fill in a part of your free minor space! You can read more on the FTR International Office website.

Study credits

The study credits you accumulate at a foreign university will in most instances be acknowledged by your course in Nijmegen. However, the exam committee will need to approve the foreign course package. For advice on this subject, please contact the faculty's International Office and your study advisor well in advance.

Would you like to know more?

Information meetings about studying abroad for students at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies take place twice during the academic year (in April and October) within the framework of the Radboud Beyond Borders week. These meetings will be announced in good time, for example on the portal and via the website. In addition, there are regular themed meetings and we will keep you informed about any new possibilities via both the website and the student portal.

The FTR International Office can also always be contacted at any other times, at: internationaloffice@ftr.ru.nl.