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Study abroad

There are several possibilities to study abroad for one or two semesters after your first year of study. Besides obvious advantages like gaining independence, broadening and deepening life experiences and getting to know other cultures and languages, studying abroad can also yield the benefit of discovering other religions and/or ways of practising theology. The subject of your thesis may also be a reason to study at a specific university. You can consult your supervisor for this kind of information. Credits that you obtain at the foreign university can be recognised by your home university. To arrange this in time, get in touch with both the international office at your faculty and the examination committee well before you leave. The courses of your choice need to be accredited by the examination committee. The duration of your stay abroad has to be at least three months, with a maximum of one academic year.

Erasmus+ Programme

You can study abroad at a European university with which your home university has an agreement. On top of your study grant, you receive an Erasmus scholarship, which is a contribution towards travel costs and the possibly higher cost of living abroad. As an Erasmus student, you remain registered at your home university, to which you also pay your tuition fees. Hence no fees have to be paid to the host university. Please visit the Radboud International website for a list of connected faculties abroad.

Other scholarships

Scholarships are also available for a study period outside of Europe. Visit the website of the faculty or the website of Radboud International for more information.

Further information

If you are interested in studying abroad and would like to gain more information about the possibilities, procedures and scholarships, please contact the International Office of the faculty. When a complete study programme has been drawn up, the study adviser has to obtain approval from the examination committee.

International office of the faculty:

Ms Rinske de Graaff-Stoffers
Office E 15.27
Phone: (024) 361 0886
E-mail: InternationalOffice@ftr.ru.nl

Twice a year, in February and October, an informative meeting about studying abroad in the context of Radboud Beyond Borders, is organised for all students of the faculty. The date and time of this meeting will be announced in due time.