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Graduation procedure and thesis defense

You and your supervisor are asked to contact the Examination Board at the latest one month before the two parts of the thesis are completed and submit a completed version of the required form (available from the Student Advisor's office), as well as a 200-word summary of the theme of the research article. The Examination Board will thereupon appoint a jury of examiners to judge the thesis. The jury is made up of:

  • A ‘first examiner', who is the thesis supervisor.
  • A ‘second examiner' (also called ‘second reader'),  who is a teacher belonging to a different section from the supervisor.
  • A ‘permanent examiner', whose task is confined to checking whether the thesis complies with the rules for writing a thesis.

The Examination Board also appoints an external adviser, who is asked to assess the ‘publishability' of the article in an official referee report. The examiners, though not bound to follow the verdict of the external adviser, will take his or her verdict into account in their deliberations.

For more information please see the complete procedure (pdf, 56 kB).