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Research and master seminars at other Dutch universities

If you are enrolled at a Dutch university, you have the possibility to follow (although under certain conditions) Research and Master seminars at other universities in the Netherlands for free.

How does this work?

In general, you need to enrol via Studielink as a subsidiary student at the university where you want to follow the seminar(s). Please consult the website of the university of your choice to find out whether you have to provide additional documents. If you have questions or encounter problems, please contact Prof. Carla Rita Palmerino.
It is also advisory to consult the lecturer of the Research or Master seminar of your choice to make sure that you meet the entry requirements and can follow the seminar.

When you have finished the seminar and obtained a grade, you need to ask a document, signed by the lecturer, certifying your grade and the amount of credits. Please hand in this document at the student administration in Nijmegen, in order to have your grade and credits registered.

Travel costs

You can make use of your personal budget to cover (part of the) travel costs.

Please keep in mind

  • The level of the course or seminar. It should be Master or Research Master level.
  • The amount of credits. If necessary, discuss with the professor of the seminar whether you can obtain more credits.


The OZSW (Dutch Research School of Philosophy) facilitates exchange between philosophy Research Master courses in the Netherlands. Please consult the website of the OZSW for a list of the research master seminars on offer at the various Dutch universities.