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Overview information sources

  • Information for prospective students
  • Please submit your own "student's about" story to the programme coordinator

Students' Information Point

  • helpdesk for students.

Students web record (personal, login required)

  • News (ad valvas)
  • Course schedules (eduational rooms)
  • Course results
  • Access to Osiris student
  • Make account educational computers
  • eStIP (question to student information point)
  • Access to Blackboard

Blackboard (login; per course and in organisation MMD Students)

  • Detailed course schedules (per course)
  • Descriptions of possible internships within the RIMLS (students community)
  • Funding options elective courses, knowledge transfer and international internships
  • Uploading knowledge transfer, mentor meeting reports etc.
  • Results online course evaluations

Website Radboudumc (no login)

  • Information for current MMD students
  • News (ad valvas)
  • Course schedules (educational rooms)
  • Radboudumc International Office
  • Regulations: Education and Examination Regulations (OER) and Rules and Guidelines of the Board of Examiners

Website Radboud University

  • Registration
  • University's facilities (including counseling & study skill courses)
  • Student life
  • Student participation
  • Radboud University International Office

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