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Elective module Laboratory Animal Science

The course Laboratory Animal Science may be done as an elective course. The programme of the course on laboratory animal science comprises the requirements cited in article 9 of the Wet op de dierproeven (Experiments on Animals Act) and the (European) FELASA category C demands. The certificate of completion of the course together with an academic degree in biomedical science will lead to a legal recognition to design animal experiments in the Netherlands. The certificate will be distributed upon graduation for the master's programme.

Entrance requirements

Since an official certificate can be obtained when doing this course, the admission requirements for this course are very strict, as described on the website.

Students with a BSc in Biology from Radboud University Nijmegen

Most students with a bachelor's in biology will fulfill these requirements. Students with BSc degree in Biology from another university should submit their CV and transcript.

Students with a BSc in Molecular Life Sciences from Radboud University

Apart from the standard BSc programme in MLS students need to have completed the list below. Please note that some of these courses are only taught in Dutch. From cohort 2010 onwards, it is possible to do Bachelor's ourses (up to 6 EC) as electives (please include in your study plan).

  • participation in propadeuse course  'Ontwikkeling en evolutie in bouwplannen van dieren'. Only the part titled 'Ontwikkelingsfysiologie en anatomie van gewervelde dieren' is needed. This equals a study load of 4 EC.
  • One or both of the following BSc courses (tot 6 EC):
    • Adaptiatiefysiologie (teacher Prof. dr. Flik)
    • Endocrinologie (teacher Prof. dr. Flik)
  • Master's course (4 EC)
    • Caput Adaptation Phiosiology (teacher Prof. dr. Flik)
    • Caput Endocrinology (teacher Prof. dr. Flik)

Students with other BSc degrees

Please submit your CV and transcript as indicated. If you do not meet the requirements, you may follow the courses indicated above. If you do not understand Dutch, it is possible to fulfill the requirments by taking the national examination in Utrecht. Please contact the course coordinator (as stated on the website) to arrange this.

Course data

Course data are published on the website.

Course data suitable for MMD students:

  • March year 1; Please discuss with your internship supervisor whether this is an option. If you do this course, your internship should be extended with the same number of weeks. In most cases, places are available for this course option. Registration between May and January preceding the course.
  • November year 2: This can be done
    1. as part of BMS course 5AM01 (5.5 EC), which also includes 'working with radionuclides'. A limited number of places is available and reserved for MMD students in period 3. Please indicate your wish to participate in 5AM01 to the MMD programme coordinator as early as possible (preferably in December preceding this course) and submit your CV and transcripts as described for a check if you fullfill the entrance requirements. Also register for 5AM01 via StIP (registration opens in June).
    2. as a separate course on laboratory animal science only (3 EC). Only a limited number of places is available. Please indicate your wish to participate in 5AM01 to the MMD programme coordinator as early as possible. Registration should be done early, preferably in December preceding this course.