CCEP lecture by Marc Colsen: Raising The Stakes, Raising The Value (Lecture)

Monday 13 February 2023Add to my calendar
15:30 to
Marc Colsen (Radboud University)
Presentation of a PhD dissertation chapter

Philosophy starts from experience. Ever since Plato and Aristotle, philosophers have identified a particular kind of experience as the impetus to all philosophy: the experience of wonder, commonly referred to by the Greek verb thaumazein. We sometimes cannot help but wonder at the world we live in. The world can lose its self-evidence and leave us puzzled. We then embark on a philosophical quest for knowledge, so that it may become more evident.

In our modern age, a kind of experience has emerged that is both similar and different. It is characterised by the same sense of wonder, but also by a new and alarming sense of loss. The world seems to have not only lost its self-evidence, but also its value. It is this experience we call nihilism.

This lecture presents a way of dealing with nihilism than can be derived from the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche is first and foremost a philosopher of the human activity of valuation. Nihilism turns out to be a crisis of a particular, i.e. moral way of valuation. Nietzsche points to another, experimental way, one that requires danger, risk-taking and a stronger breed of philosophers.

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