Nine Radboud University Master’s programmes best in the country, six top rated programmes

Date of news: 5 March 2019

Nine Master’s programmes at Radboud University have been named the best in their field by the 2019 edition of the Dutch Master’s programme information guide Keuzegids Masters. No less than six were awarded top programme status. If you want to know more about our master's programmes, you can visit our Master's Open Day on 16 March.

Top programmes*

The following six Master’s programmes were awarded top programme status. (See for an explanation on the status of top programme the * under Assessment criteria.)

Top programme Keuzegids 2019

Best in their field

The following nine Master’s programmes were deemed the best in their field:

Best programme Keuzegids Masters 2019

Assessment criteria

The Keuzegids bases its assessment on criteria such as the contact with teachers, the coherency of the curricula and the quality of the academic facilities. Eighty percent of the assessment is based on student feedback from the National Student Survey and twenty percent is based on the appraisal by the NVAO, the national inspectorate for higher education.

* Interdisciplinary programmes that receive 75 of the 100 points are ranked at the very top of Dutch academic education and are awarded top programme status.

Master's programmes at Radboud University

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