On a regular basis, our researchers participate in events: at Radboud University, in the Netherlands, and abroad. They give lectures, hold debates, organise excursions and more. Get to know us at one of these activities.

Faculty agenda
Overview of all the university activities with our researchers involved.

Radboud Reflects
Organises accessible programmes on philosophical, ethical and religious issues.

Titus Brandsma Institute
Organises events and seminars on mysticism and spirituality.

Philosophical magazine Splijtstof
Every month, Splijtstof (the philosophical journal of our faculty) organises a Film&Philosophy evening, where the philosophical background of a movie is unraveled. They also host a yearly symposium.

Information events and visits
Thinking about studying at our faculty? Attend one of our events and discover what our programmes are all about.

Filosoof Fleur Jongepier bij een Radboud Reflects avond in De Vereeniging

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