Textual, Historical, and Systematic Studies of Judaism and Christianity

The Department’s scope encompasses Texts, History, and Theological Concepts of Doctrine and Belief in Judaism and Christianity. As a department in the faculty of PTR our research and teaching focuses on religious texts and concepts, including philosophical, theological, and juridical reflections, as well as on commitments and community, behaviour and ethics, and religious expressions in art and other media. THS offers study and analysis of the development of Christianity and Early Judaism, with one of its distinct concerns comprising the study of competing  models of interpretation within the various Christian traditions—Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant—and the various interactions among these traditions historically and currently.

The department can be visualised as one house with three research chambers, in which respectively Texts, Contexts, and Concepts in Judaism and Christianity (STCC), Christian Theology (SCT), and Dominant and Dissident Traditions in the History of Christianity (SDDT) are studied. Belonging to one and the same house of education and organisation (i.e., the THS department) the research chambers are united in their critical engagement and analysis of the historical developments of ideas, norms, and practices of faith and belief. Yet, each chamber represents a distinct discipline. STCC focuses on the production, transmission, and interpretation of biblical texts and related Jewish and Christian literature; SCT focuses on the systematic and philosophical thinking and rethinking of the central convictions and concepts of Christianity; and SDDT focuses primarily on source texts and the dynamics of perception of both the Christian and dissident traditions from late antiquity until the present.

The distinctive aim of our department is to promote research and education in two particular religious traditions, Judaism and Christianity, that contribute to people’s ability to critically engage with and comprehend an increasingly complex world. It does so by bringing current ideas, values and norms, practices and sources of authority into conversation with historically, ecclesiastically, and culturally diverse traditions.

prof. dr. Carly Crouch
Department Chair


Professor Chair
prof. dr. C.L. Crouch
Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Ancient Judaism
prof dr. S.A.J. van Erp Edward Schillebeeckx
prof. dr. Christoph Hübenthal Systematic Theology
prof. dr. Daniela Müller History of Christianity 
Church History and Canon Law


dr. Gian Ackermans (Canon Law and History of Roman Catholic Christianity)

dr. Seth Bledsoe (Biblical Studies, especially Second Temple Period and Wisdom Literature)

dr. Inigo Bocken (Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology)

drs. Lut Callaert has a Master in Business Administration and in Biblical Studies; she is editor of the biblical journal Schrift and personal assistant of Ellen van Wolde.

prof. dr. C. L. Crouch (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Ancient Judaism)

dr. Matthijs den Dulk (Biblical Studies and Early Christian Literature)

prof dr. Stephan van Erp – special chair of Edward Schillebeeckx

dr. Joshua Furnal (Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology)

dr. Elisabeth Hense (Spirituality)

prof. dr. Christoph Hübenthal explores the foundations and the different manifestations of public theology. He approaches these issues from the perspectives of systematic theology and theological social ethics.

prof. dr. Daniela Müller conducts research into the interaction between ‘heterodoxy’ and ‘orthodoxy’ - between regulations and practice - especially during the Middle Ages and early modern period. She focuses on dismantling myths, in particular those surrounding the Inquisition.

dr. Aren Wilson-Wright (Northwest Semitic Linguistics and Epigraphy)


Albert Kamp (Biblical Studies, KWF project fellow)

Bojana Radovanovic (History of Christianity)

Marjolaine Raguin-Barthelmebs (REI fellow, History of Christianity

Aren Wilson-Wright (REI Fellow, Biblical Studies)

Associate Researchers

Amanda Bledsoe, MA (Biblical Studies, especially Qumran Studies)

Robert Rezetko (Biblical Studies, especially Hebrew Bible and Historical Linguistics)

drs. Lut Callaert (Biblical Studies, especially Hebrew Bible)

PhD Students

Anne Siebesma, MA, Systematic Theology

Camil Staps, MA, Biblical Studies

Drs. Jurijn Timon de Vos, Systematic Theology

Affiliated organisations

Tijdschrift voor theologie

Centrum voor Religie, Conflict en het Publieke Domein (RUG)

LIT Verlag