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Research in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

How do people cope with bereavement? What is the best form of democracy? What does the popularity of Buddhism say about our society? With its scientific research into fundamental issues, the Research Institute for Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies (Research Institute PTR) has clear societal significance.

Researchers analyse a wide array of philosophical, theological and socio-cultural topics. Through methods including, but not limited to, historical, empirical, systematic and hermeneutic research, they add to our understanding of ourselves, our environment and society.


Research in the spotlight: Bas van Woerkum


We share this world with numerous other species, many of whom are very much unlike us. At the same time, many of them—think only of jays and ravens—are highly intelligent. How should we capture their cognitive abilities without ‘anthropomorphizing’ them, turning them into little versions of ourselves? In this NWO project ‘Conscious Reflection versus Embodied Habits’ Bas van Woerkum aims to develop a less human-centred view on animal minds, by understanding the abilities of nonhuman animals (corvids in particular) as ‘elaborations’ on their abilities to act and perceive in the world.
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