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About the institute


The institute is anchored in Radboud University’s emancipatory history. The unique combination of philosophy, theology and religious studies under the single roof of one institute provides a critical contribution to the university’s mission to exert ‘A Significant Impact’. It is precisely this combination that facilitates the study of various issues in society. Working from the core values of responsibility and commitment, the FTR Research Institute wishes to contribute to a sustainable, free world with equal opportunity for everyone.

Research themes

The three disciplines together embrace a wide area of fundamental questions, regarding convictions, beliefs, world views, society, mankind and our place in the world, both historically and currently. The institute’s researchers focus on profound changes in the world and the rising challenges for individuals and social institutions alike. Examples of these challenges include the changing role of religion in current society, the far-reaching influence of scientific discoveries and technological developments and how an individual’s self-image and self-discipline develop in response to these movements. The researchers’ work plumbs the rich and diverse philosophical and religious traditions from all corners of the world.

Research centres

The FTR Research Institute constitutes six research centres, each with its own discipline. The centres have their own coordinators, however initiatives from all members are proactively encouraged. The centres are listed below.


In the latest assessment of the Research Institute (2019), the review committee judged the institute’s quality and visibility as ‘very good’ and its social impact as ‘excellent’ – this last assessment particularly due to the institute’s close collaboration with Radboud Reflects.