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NWO funding for PhD research religious re-use of Catholic monasteries

Date of news: 5 July 2022

Wouter Kock will research the religious re-use of Catholic monasteries, with support of the NWO programme PhDs in the Humanities.

In recent years, several relatively new Christian communities have started to acquire and inhabit old monasteries. As these buildings have also become much treasured heritage objects, the new communities must position themselves vis-à-vis both the tradition of their predecessors as well as this heritage frame. This is an intriguing development that provides us with a unique chance of researching a yet unexplored phenomenon: the simultaneous heritagisation and re-religionisation of religious buildings.

Wouter Kock wrote his thesis about the 'Heilige Driehoek' in Oosterhout (NB), for which he received several awards.

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