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Partner institutes

Our institute contributes to society in collaborations, events, and together with several partners. Find all our partner institutes here. We also welcome new collaborations.

Faculty institutes

Kaski (research centre for religion and society)

Kaski is the expertise centre for religion and society. From their many years of experience - the centre is one of the Netherlands' oldest social-scientific institutes - a wealth of know-how and expertise has been built up regarding the church, belief, religion and society. Kaski tracks the religious and philosophical developments within society. This makes it perfectly placed for focused research and for delivering fitting policy advice directly applicable to clients.

St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute

The St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute (St Irenaeus for short) is based at Radboud University. They teach and conduct research on Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Christianity.

Centre for Thanatology

The Centre for Thanatology has been discontinued. For more information about the study of death and dying, please contact prof. dr. Eric Venbrux.

Affiliated institutes

Titus Brandsma Institute

The Titus Brandsma Institute (TBI) focuses on the study of spirituality and mysticism. Founded in 1968 as a collaborative venture between Radboud University and the Dutch Carmel Province, research centres on the foundations of spirituality and its history. The SPINE project is one form of collaboration between the institute and TBI which develops course material on the subject of spirituality.

Institute for Eastern Christianity

The Institute for Eastern Christian Studies (IvOC) was founded in 1991 at a moment when major political upheavals were taking place across Eastern Europe. The IvOC performs research into the current circumstances in churches of Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Subjects include: developments in ecuminism, dialogue, freedom of religion, nationalism, Islam, secularisation and atheism.

Benedictine Centre for Liturgical Studies

The Benedictine Centre for Liturgical Studies (BCL) is a study Centre of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at Radboud University in cooperation with St Willibrord Abbey in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. The BCL conducts monastic, ecclesial and cultural projects on liturgical life in the Netherlands and abroad: research into liturgy from an interdisciplinary perspective, consultancies, lectures, training and education, inspired by the Benedictine tradition.

Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies

The Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies (NIM) is a centre for the study of Non-Western Christianity, Interreligious dialogue and Mission. The institute was founded in 1993 by the provincial superiors of the Redemptorist Fathers (CSSR), Sacred Hearts Fathers (SS.CC), Society of African Missions (SMA) and Montfort Fathers (SMM).

At present major superiors of some 25 religious institutes participate. Mission is defined in operational terms as cross-cultural Christian communication, between Western and non-Western Christians in the context of World Christianity, and between Christians and non-Christians in the context of inter-religious relations. The institute develops and transmits knowledge at the service of missionary organizations and faith-based non-governmental organizations working in the fields of development and diversity.