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Research centres

The research institute consists of eight departments, organised into the six research centres below:

Center for the History of Philosophy and Science (CHPS)

The CHPS is the world’s only research centre researching how the history of philosophy and science are interwoven. The centre focuses on the rise and development of natural philosophy, from antiquity through to the current fragmentation into different scientific disciplines. Researchers also closely examine how philosophy and science relate today.

Center for Textual, Historical, and Systematic Studies of Judaism and Christianity (CTHS)

The CTHS studies the texts, history and theology of Judaism and Christianity. Researchers shine a light - both from a historic and from today’s perspective - on how religious opinions and texts develop and give shape to the religious experience.

Center for Cognition, Culture and Language (CCCL)

The CCCL researches how language, culture and cognition influence each other. These themes address two fundamental questions: how are cognitive abilities formed and what roles do convention, involvement and perspective play in the interpretation of language. The CCCL researchers study these questions in depth from a strong interdisciplinary perspective; they work closely with colleagues from disciplines such as neuroscience, linguistics and psychiatry among others.

Center for Religion and Contemporary Society (CRCS)

As modern times have created a crisis in religious meaning, the CRCS looks into the major challenges faced by religion in today’s society. The centre studies the current position and role of religion and spirituality in this context. Researchers analyse these subjects within Catholicism and Protestantism, Islam, Oriental Christianity, Asian and indigenous religions and among people with no particular religious affiliation.

Center for Contemporary European Philosophy (CCEP)

The CCEP is the only scientific centre in the Netherlands specialising in teaching and researching 20th and 21st century continental philosophy. The centre is rooted in Radboud University’s strong tradition in continental philosophy. Researchers scrutinise every-day concepts from a critical philosophical viewpoint, contributing to a better understanding of the social public debate.

Radboud Center for Philosophy and Society (RCPS)

The RCPS recognises that the major questions society currently grapples with demand a new philosophy; a more constructive, involved and approachable one. RCPS researchers contribute to these developments within philosophy and place themselves at the crossroads between philosophy and society in their quest to obtain fresh, significant insights.