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About the centre

The Center for Contemporary European Philosophy (CCEP) is the only scientific centre in the Netherlands specialising in teaching and researching 20th and 21st century continental philosophy. The centre is anchored in Radboud University’s strong tradition in continental philosophy. Researchers scrutinise every-day concepts from a critical philosophical viewpoint, thereby contributing to a better understanding of the social public debate.

Research themes

The CCEP focuses on subjects from metaphysics and philosophical anthropology and studies these with methods and perspectives derived mainly (but not solely) from phenomenology, hermeneutics and psychoanalysis. The researchers look into these movements in a critical dialogue with other approaches presented in European philosophy in the previous century. Subjects in the spotlight include concepts such as gender, subjectivity, community, contingency, plurality, diversity, testimony and the distinction between faith and reason.

These concepts form the basis of many current debates, making the CCEP research of key significance to society. The CCEP acts from the conviction that continental philosophy is one of the major sources for understanding ourselves in today’s world. This is evident by its influence on daily life, through for example the critical research of platitudes and themes that determine current political debates.


Founded in 2013, the CCEP strives to be an active community of researchers and students in continental philosophy. The centre’s members are active in research and regularly organise workshops, symposiums and conferences for both national and international audiences.

The CCEP maintains active ties with colleagues and institutions in the English, French and German speaking world, as well as in countries such as China, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey and Russia.