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CCEP Conference: The Reevaluation of Subjectivity in Contemporary Continental Philosophy (Agenda item)

Thursday 9 February 2023 until Friday 10 February 2023Add to my calendar
Huize Heyendael (Geert Grooteplein 9) Nijmegen, 6525 EZ Netherlands
Lucas Gronouwe, Lisa Kampen and Luca Tripaldelli
Peter Hallward (Kingston University), Marion Bernard (École Normale Supérieure), Susanna Lindberg (Leiden University), Annabelle Dufourcq (Radboud University)

We invite interested parties to register for the CCEP conference ‘The Reevaluation of Subjectivity in Contemporary Continental Philosophy’ to take place February 9-10, 2023.


Near the end of the 1980s, Jean-Luc Nancy invited some of the leading French philosophers of his time to answer an intriguing question: Who Comes After the Subject? His call sparked a great diversity of answers and problematizations of the question itself, which were collected in an influential edited volume. We feel that today, in our age of geopolitical, technological and ecological rupture, the time has come to take up Nancy’s question once again. Following Nancy’s example, the goal of this conference is to map a variety of present-day perspectives on the reevaluation of subjectivity in contemporary continental philosophy, by facilitating a two-day, in-person discussion of the interrelations between subjectivity and present-day topics including, but not limited to ecological crisis, nonhuman agency, intersectionality and political action.


You can find the full program (pdf, 150 kB) of the conference here and the book of abstracts (pdf, 180 kB) here.

Conference poster (pdf, 173 kB)

Lucas Gronouwe, Lisa Kampen and Luca Tripaldelli

If you wish to attend the conference, please notify us by sending an email to SubjectivityConference2023@protonmail.com before February 1, 2023.