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Workplace learning in teams

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Learning in organisations can take place on three levels: the individual level, the group (team) level and the organisational level. Learning at all levels is seen as essential for organisations to adapt to major internal and external shifts and challenges. Learning in organisations can take place both off and on the job. A study has found that workplace learning influences organisational performance. Organisations admit that learning is taking place in the workplace, instead of being planned top-down. Which is a valuable asset in keeping up with the fast changing environment. Hence, organisations not only have to pay attention to the more formal, ‘off-the-job' learning, but also have to keep in mind the role that ‘on-the-job' learning can play. In teams, learning mostly takes place in the workplace. The learning activities can be both informal and formal, and the regulatory activities consist of identifying learning needs, assessing learning outcomes and managing the learning process.

Interesting Questions

  • Which factors constitute a model of workplace learning of teams?
  • What is the difference between learning on the job and learning off the job?
  • Do organisations need to concentrate on both learning on the job and learning off the job?



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