Current tenders

The following items are on the Purchasing Calendar for 2019

Asbestos remediation Gas station
Elinor Ostrom building adjustment shower installation
Storage and Servers
Domestic stay, hotels and meeting accommodations
Office supplies
Travel and stay abroad
Work place automation
Climate control Mercator 2 building
Power equipement
E-invoicing CFA
Packing material catering
Giftcards / Payment subjects
Network equipment (UMC)
Rent material and organization events
Audio Visual equipment Faculty of Social Sciences
Furniture Faculty of Social Sciences
Furniture for catering Faculty of Social Sciences
Books University Libary
Kitchen equipment Faculty of Social Sciences
Kitchen and counter maintenance
Timetable software
Financial services (Robidus)
Bread and banquet
Bulk chemicals
Food specifics (Houtop & Oregional)
Furniture for catering Faculty of Science
Kitchen equipment Faculty of Science
Groundwork Faculty of Social Sciences
Audio Visual equipment
Porters, security and reception services
Cloud storage Astronomy Surf
Liquid Helium