European open tenders

Threshold levels: European open tenders

  • Goods and services: from €215,000
  • Works: from €5,382,000

Characteristics: European open tenders

  • Publication in Europe

Considerations: European tenders

  • Mandatory market research
  • Motivation for tendering procedure
  • Motivation for merging purchasing packages
  • Division into multiple purchasing packages where possible
  • Do not set turnover requirements (except in serious cases, then 300% of contract amount)
  • 1 reference per core competence (comparable)
  • Value of reference projects max 60%
  • Requests to tender for works in accordance with the Public Procurement Act (ARW 2012)
  • Economically advantageous (EMVI) instead of lowest price
  • Use official template for tender statement
  • Applicable general terms and conditions for the industry
  • Official report of contract award
  • Communicate relevant selection motivations to losing parties
  • Standstill period of 20 days instead of 15 days


For more information on Rules and Regulations visit the following website: PIANOo. On the PIANOo website you will also find more information on the different steps of (preparing, managing and executing) placing a purchase order.