Radboud University Webshop

This page is intended to inform you about the Radboud University Webshop. This is the automated ordering system through which employees can place purchase orders from the supplier’s catalogue. They can then track the progress of their orders.

Radboud University has a single digital platform for placing orders for products and services needed for carrying out the operational processes at Radboud University. Employees have the convenience of a single system for all purchases, and can order directly from the supplier’s catalogue. Ordering forms and other ordering methods, such as by telephone, fax, e-mail and directly through the supplier’s website are discouraged and are being phased out. This removes ambiguity from the ordering process and increases clarity for all parties, which will result in orders being delivered rapidly and to the right locations. If you do not yet use the Webshop, it may be beneficial for you to link your catalogue to the Webshop.

Functional requirements

  • In order to quality, it must be likely that Radboud University will either make at least 50 Webshop orders per year from you or a total order amount of at least €50,000 per year excluding VAT;
  • The product delivery should be tailored to the needs of RU or a specific target group (such as laboratory needs and chemicals). It is important that a minimum package size is set, and/or a minimum percentage of orders per faculty and/or service;
  • This concerns standard repeat purchases of products;
  • Controlled price changes must be in accordance with existing contracts; and
  • Prices displayed in the e-catalogue must include additional costs such as packaging and freight.

Technical requirements

  • Product groups must be clearly separated in the correct manner
  • Delivery and invoicing per order (delivery address) should be possible;
  • Net RU prices per item must be visible to the end user;
  • Your product range in the electronic catalogue must always be up to date.


If you wish to receive more information, we request that you contact the Purchasing Department at Radboud University. This department can also provide knowledge, expertise and practical skills in the area of professional support for purchasing and European tendering.

Purchasing Department
Telephone: (+31 24) 36 12 242
Website: www.ru.nl/purchasing
Staff: www.ru.nl/purchasing/contact/staff/