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As a member of PV Radboud, but also as an interested non-member, you can be kept informed of news and information about activities via our newsletters. If you are a member, you will receive our newsletters automatically via email. If you are not a member and would like to receive our newsletters, please subscribe at the bottom of the page.


There are three types of newsletters, which also include an English translation of those news items interesting for international members:

  • A general newsletter, which also includes all activities organized by or with the mediation of PV Radboud. This newsletter is sent monthly by email to all members of, or those interested at, PV Radboud. News of Radboud Seniors is also included in this newsletter.

  • A newsletter with news and special offers from the suppliers that offer discounts to holders of the PV pass. This newsletter is sent by email to all members of PV Radboud at the beginning of the month.

  • Customized news” (Nieuws op Maat, NOM) is a special newsletter with recent reports about a specific topic. NOM is used to inform you directly about current topics of choice.
    The different specific NOMs are aimed at:
    - Sports, recreation, culture & travel
    - Events & concerts
    - Art & literature
    - Products
    - Parents with young children
    - Post-actives (seniors)

Click here to go to the recent newsletters.

Subscribing for PV Radboud mail by non-members

Non-members of PV Radboud can also receive the general newsletters and NOM (customized news). Click here to access the newsletter subscription form in which you can fill in your email address. Here you also get the option to sign up for specific NOM topics. You will afterword’s receive a confirmation email.


To unsubscribe from a newsletter, you can send an email to info@pvradboud.nl. Please mention which newsletter it concerns and what your membership number is.