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WiFi connection

Are you at Villa Oud-Heyendael and do you need a WiFi connection? The building is connected to the 'Eduroam' wireless network at Radboud University. If you have an u, e or s number you can connect to this network (for example u123456@ru.nl + password). Read how to set up this connection on the university website.

Do you want to log into Eduroam as a guest?

Then you have to create a guest account for one day via the network of Eduroam on the campus and thus Villa Oud-Heyendael.

Obtain the Eduroam day code via the door couriers of RU buildings or via a person with an Eduroam account. This person must then log in to the WiFi network, go to https://portal.ru.nl/ and find the code in the lower left corner (for example ru12).

Then send this code by SMS to 06 3577 7876. You will then receive further instructions by SMS to log in to the WiFi network of the campus.

Are you stuck?

There is an ICT helpdesk in the hall of the Central Library in the Erasmuslaan during working hours (8: 00-17: 30). The telephone number of the helpdesk is 024 362 2222, and the e-mail address icthelpdesk@ru.nl. Or fill out a form via the website.