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Cultural discount: Canisius Concertband

Do you have a musical instrument lying around in the closet or up in the attic? Do you want to join a music group again? Then this message is for you. The Canisius Concert Band, from Nijmegen, is looking for new musicians of all shapes and sizes. We are a harmony orchestra and play a diverse program. In addition to traditional harmony works, we also play film melodies, folk music, and lively pieces. What we value is the joy of making music together. Besides, making music is healthy!


As a PV member, you receive a 50% discount on an annual membership. You then pay €120.00 instead of €240.00.


Canisius Concertband
Address Leuvensbroek 1200, 6546 XS Nijmegen (every tuesday evening from 8:00-10:00 PM)
Website www.canisiusconcertband.nl
Email info@canisiusconcertband.nl