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Radboud Academy with discount

Radboud University is increasingly becoming a meeting place where people can develop together. Even after graduating. With an annual average of 750 courses, training and lectures in various fields – with Radboud Academy as the umbrella center – we offer value-driven programs for critical professionals and enthusiastic learners. Whether you want to gain extra knowledge, brush up on practical skills, broaden your horizon or gain new insights in an inspiring learning network. Stay relevant in this rapidly changing society!

Always 10% discount for PV members

To continue to encourage you in your development, as a member of the PV you will receive a 10% discount on the continuing education and training of Radboud University as of January 1, 2023, which is included in the Radboud Academy portal. There is no maximum amount for the discount and you can use the discount scheme several times a year. However, the discount is not valid in combination with other discount schemes or financial benefits. Bachelors, masters, vocational training, big courses and tailor-made programs are excluded.

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The new courses:

Conspiracy theories

Where do conspiracy theories come from and how is it possible that people are sensitive to them? Why does one believe in a theory that is completely implausible to the other? How can a theory that starts small become more and more extensive and complex? And what consequences can conspiracy theories have if they seem to be the most plausible explanation for a large group of people? We will address these questions during this four-part For the Curious course.

Start date: February 28, 2023
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Climate Change & Colonialism

This five-part course examines the historical context of the colonial logic of exploitation and the idea that nature is limitlessly available to us, and shows how that logic continues to influence the global dynamics of climate change to this day. Particular attention is paid to the influence of the Dutch colonial past on Dutch environmental, climate and agricultural policy.

Start date: Thursday evening March 2, 2023
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Nitrogen crisis under the microscope

In this four-part course we consider the nitrogen issue from a microbiological perspective, the nitrogen balance in ecosystems is examined, as well as the legal background of the nitrogen crisis and the crisis is placed in a broader perspective.

Start date: Tuesday evening March 7, 2023
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AI in Perspective

In everyday life, we have more to do with artificial intelligence than we usually realize. Think of self-parking cars or the algorithms that determine which messages you see on social media and which you do not. Are you curious about the different ways AI affects your life? Then register for this course!

Start date: Wednesday evening March 8, 2023
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Another Renaissance

Art and cultural historians have often pointed to other faces of the Renaissance. Fiercely realistic, incongruous or even ugly products of nature and culture, the ambiguous position of women in the art business, and dynastic pretensions and lust for power are among the subjects that will be discussed in the four-part course.

Start date: Wednesday evening 10 May 2023
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