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Do you help us out? Volunteers wanted for the care stations during the 4Daagse

Date of news: 7 May 2024

This year, PV Radboud, in collaboration with the PVs of NXP, Radboud, Gemeente Nijmegen, and Noviotech Campus, will set up aid stations for colleagues participating in the Nijmeegse 4-Day Marches under the banner "Health & High Tech Pitstop." For these stations, we are looking for colleagues who would enjoy volunteering to support our fellow colleagues.

What will you do as a volunteer?

As a volunteer at a station, you'll assist in setting up and dismantling it, ensure a hospitable welcome, and encourage walkers for the next kilometers. Experience shows that it's more than enjoyable at an aid station, and you'll receive a lot of pleasure and gratitude for your efforts!

When and where?

Each day, we'll set up two stations, a small one in the morning and a larger one later in the day.


Morning station

04:00 AM at staion (or 03:00 AM at NXP)
Clean up around 11 AM

Afternoon station

07:00 AM at NXP

Clean up around 4:00 PM / 5:00 PM

Mon 15 July

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Load truck at NXP

Tue 16 July

V.d.Windt, Tielsestraat 1, Valburg

Café "De Roskam", Dorpsstraat, Bemmel

Wed 17 July

Camping de 3 Linden, Alverna

t.o Zaal Verploegen, Woezikestr-Wijchen

Thu 18 July

Juliana voetbal, Broekkant, Malden

Groesbeek (Pannenstraat)

Fri 19 July

Kasteelweg 19A, Overasselt

Austria Sport, Rijksweg 209, Malden

Sat 20 July

9:00 AM - 11.30 AM Unload truck at bij NXP

Sign up as a volunteer!

Would you like to volunteer at one or more of the support stations on one or more days? Then send a message to: info@pvradboud.nl by June 1st, with the subject line: Volunteer 4-Day Care. In the email, indicate your availability and which station(s) you prefer. We look forward to receiving your email!