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Sports contribution and payment

Height of the contribution

• The amount of the contribution differs per sport activity;
• No contribution is required for the activities boules, playing jass, walking and cycling of Radboud Seniors;
• In the autumn the contribution for the coming year will be determined and published on the pages of the sports activities;
• If you only participate in a sports activity for one part of the calendar year, you can agree on a payment arrangement with the PV agency. This is done in consultation with the board of the relevant sports club.


• The sports contribution is collected once a calendar year (in February) by the PV agency;
• The contribution is collected by means of an authorization. You must complete this authorization form with your application;
• When collecting the contribution, PV Radboud proceeds from the list of participants of its member administration. These lists are made together with the coordinators of the sports activities and the Sports and Movement manager (Ger Keukens).

Want to know more about joining PV Radboud?

If you are not a PV member, you pay a higher amount for the sports activities than PV members.
Do you want to know more about the PV membership? Then read on.


Contact Ger Keukens (Sports and Movement Manager) or the PV agency. For questions about a particular sport, you can contact the sports coordinator.