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Radboud International 2025: Quality First!

Radboud International 2025: Quality First! presents a renewed internationalisation strategy for Radboud University, building on the results of the previous Internationalisation Strategy 2014-2018.

A renewed strategy for 2018-2025 is needed for several reasons. Most importantly, Radboud University wants to set out its ambitions for the future internationalisation of the organisation. Much hard work has been done over the past years and we have achieved most of the aims stated in Radboud University’s current strategy.

Our new strategy comes at a time of intensive national debate. Many express concerns about the ‘unstoppable Anglicisation’ of universities, the rapidly increasing intake of international students and its effects on the accessibility for Dutch students. Radboud International 2025 takes a stand with respect to these issues.

The ambitions in this strategy paper reflect Radboud University’s aspired state in 2025. The paper first motivates our internationalisation agenda (chapter 2); it sets the ambitions for 2025 (chapter 3) and outlines their implementation (chapter 4).

This strategy is the product of an extensive and inclusive process, involving all faculties, staff members and students. This internationalisation strategy will be part of the Strategic Plan 2025 of Radboud University.